Our Mission
Building Confidence One Kick at a Time.

Redmond Karate provides training to improve fitness and the capacity for self-defense. Taekwondo is not just a physical activity.  Taekwondo is the martial art that  trains people physically and mentally. In addition to physical fitness, Taekwondo classes promote discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty. Redmond Karate specializes in teaching students age 7 and up. When students join they will not only be improving their fitness and learning to defend themselves, they will be embarking on a path to improve many important aspects of their lives. And the truly wonderful thing is, they get to have fun while doing it! 

I will conduct myself in a positive manner,
and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health.
I will develop self-discipline, in order to bring out the best in myself and others.
I wil use common sense before self-defense, and never be abusive or offensive.
This is a Black Belt School. We are dedicated, we're motivated, we're on a quest to be the best.

Welcome to Redmond Karate, and Congratulations on your decision to take the challenge towards personal excellence!  The purpose of this booklet is to help make your beginning at our school easy and comfortable.  Included will be a schedule of classes, rules, people to call for information, and structure of the school.

Basic Etiquette

  • Bring your Sparring Gear on Sparring days.
  • No Gum chewing in class.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 classes per week.
  • Arrive promptly for class.
  • Make sure your attendance is recorded.
  • Quietly prepare for class, not disturbing others.
  • Keep you uniform clean and odor free.
  • Practice at home for best results.
  • Always show respect!
  • Always have fun!

Attendance & Class Times

Attendance is the key to progress.  A minimum of 2 classes per week are required to gain the benefits of your training.  All Students are allowed to come to unlimited classes according to their age group.  Please refer to the class schedule for class times. We highly recommend that you attend class on a consistent basis.  This helps to make your attendance to classes a part of your weekly schedule.  

We understand that life happens and you may have an unforeseen absence.  Please call us to let us know that you will not be attending classes in a given week.

Getting Started

The First Step

By choosing the introductory program, our students take the first step toward Black Belt excellence.  At the introductory lessons we teach the basics, award the White belt, and prepare the student for the first group class.  At the group class, they join other beginners in a fun, exciting, and simple to follow class.

The Next Step

After the introductory program, the next step is to enroll in our regular program.  We are sure that our flexible schedule and easy payment plan will make it simple to find a program that fits you.

The Agreement

The agreement that
you make with us is a binding financial agreement that commits you to pay for the lessons regardless of attendance.  Be certain that you take the time to read and understand the agreement completely.  We rely on our students to make their tuition payments in a timely manner.

Leave of Absence Policy

As a valuble service we allow students to take time off without losing their training time.  Tuition payments are made as usual and we simply add the missed time onto the end of the program.  Simply let us know that you are taking time off and we will add the time onto your course when you return to class.

Our Guarantee

The commitment that you make to Redmond Karate is both a time and financial commitment.  We do not take this commitment lightly and we guarantee that you will receive the best training available anywhere.

Billing Procedure

All payments are processed through the school via cash, check or credit card.  We do not use outside billing companies.  The terms are stated on the Student Agreement.  If for any reason your payment will not process
correctly please call us to make other arrangements.

Family Member Discounts

At Redmond Karate We believe family is important; each additional member of your immediate family receives 25% off the Primary Rate for unlimited members of a single household.


We offer a referral program for your friends. To qualify for a referral reward; the referred member must sign up for a one year agreement. A referral is good for the first member to sign up in each family that is referred. Ask an instructor about our current referral offering.


The first month is always $14.95. After the first month our best rate is $69 a month with a one year agreement on automatic monthly payments. For more options, ask the Instructor about our six month, and month-to-month plans.

Viewing Classes

We encourage parents to watch classes.  We only ask that you respect the class by remaining quiet and that if you bring younger children with you, that you keep them quiet and under control.  Watching classes helps the
parents learn how to teach their child at home.

Ranking and Testing

Our kids and adult programs both test for their first colored belt after 3 months.  Our testing fee is $25 for each rank, which includes the, board, belt and certificate.  The exception is the Black Belt testing which is $50.

Private Lessons

If you average 2 classes per week and you feel you are falling behind you should see an instructor.  It is on occasion that an instructor may have a few minutes extra after class to help out.  Otherwise you can ask to schedule a ½ hour private lesson for a fee of $20.


New belts will be awarded on Graduation day.  Our Graduations are typically held on the Friday following testing day.  Graduation celebrations are an extreme high point and very important to the students learning process. 

Dress Code

Redmond Karate is a family friendly establishment and as such we ask that our students, friends, and family members please refrain from wearing clothing, or jewelry and items that are revealing, suggestive, vulgar or otherwise offensive, including clothing that bears too much skin or a persons under-garments.  Redmond karate LLC reserve the right to ask that persons wearing said offensive attire, and or items to remove themselves or correct the situation.

The student uniform consists of a traditional white uniform plus a belt. As an option, students may wear our custom uniforms available through the pro-shop. T-shirts are also available as an option to the jacket top. T-shirts are required to be martial arts related, (i.e.: school logo, school name etc.). During testing, graduations or demonstrations, the student must wear their complete uniform plus school patches, this means no T-shirts. A T-shirt may be worn under the jacket top at any time. Girls and Ladies, please wear a T-shirt under the karate jacket top. (May be any color).


The official school patch is available in our proshop.  It should be worn where the left pocket lapel would be or the right shoulder.  There are other patches available in the proshop, please ask an instructor about the restrictions regarding these patches.


Students show their progress in the art by the color of the belt they wear.  Each color is a step toward the goal of Black Belt.  Testing takes place in class every three months and requirements differ between kids and adults. Each student will be provided with the required material for each rank at the beginning of each testing cycle.

Tournament Competition

Periodically there are Martial Arts Tournaments in the area.  Tournaments which are suitable for our students will be posted on our social media pages, and will be discussed in class as well.  Any student wishing more information or having questions on requirements to enter tournaments should see an instructor.  All tournaments have divisions for students with less than six months training, so most students qualify to compete as soon as they have sparred in class and completed their first form.

Special Merchandise Orders

To order supplies out of one of our catalogs that we do not stock, please see one of our instructors for direction on how to order these items. 


All Taekwondo Students are taught sport sparring as part of their curriculum.  Sparring takes place during regular classes.  Students are eligible but not required to spar after their 8th class.  Students are required to spar after their first belt test.  Although our sparring classes are light to no contact, we require safety gear to ensure a safe environment.  This equipment is available at the proshop so please ask one of the instructors.
All Students are subject to the rules of free sparring and point sparring. Failure to adhere to these rules is cause for dismissal and termination of the membership agreement. Absolutely no exceptions are permitted to the sparring rules.
Sparring is undertaken at members-own risk and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.

The following
safety equipment must be used at all times and is required: 

  • protective footwear.
  • protective hand wear.
  • head guard.
  • mouth guard.
  • groin guard (men only).

All Students are required to have full safety equipment before sparring.  Sparring is allowed only in the presence, and with the permission, of an instructor.

Sparring is LIGHT CONTACT only. It is important to remember that members are training partners and not opponents. Techniques to the head guard are to be made only with a controlled light tapping, sufficient to  indicate a point but insufficient to cause the recipient's head to move in any way.

No full-contact sparring will take place under any circumstances. Point sparring consists of rounds lasting  between one and three minutes, or by the accumulation of five to ten points. Points are awarded in the following manner: controlled hand technique = one point, controlled kick to the body = one point.

Free sparring consists of one or a series of rounds performed in a nonstop manner. The purpose of free sparring is to build confidence and improve skills. Students will never be forced to spar with anyone. At any time before or during a match or round, students may, without reservation, bow out of the match by indicating to both the training partner and the instructor that you do not care to participate.


Personal Hygiene.

Personal cleanliness is a part of respecting oneself and others around you. To participate in sparring, toe nails and finger nails must be clipped.  No long nails or sharp edges are permitted by any sparring participants. Uniforms are to be clean and free of odor.

The Belts: Our Goal is Black Belt Excellence

All our students start their training with a white belt.  Our students are split into groups by age.  Each group  having it's own requirements for advancement. Standards for Minimum time between belts: averaging 2 classes per week.

Karate Kids, Teens, and Adults

  • White to Yellow   3 months
  • Yellow to Orange   3 months
  • Orange to Green   3 months
  • Green to Blue   3 months
  • Blue to Brown   3 months
  • Brown to Brown/Red  3 months
  • Brown/Red to Red   3 months
  • Red to Red/Black   6 months
  • Red/Black to Black   6 months

How to help yourself or your child train at home.

Be Consistent! Have specific practice times and do your best to stick to it. Keep practice short! 15 minutes is  plenty of time.  5 to 10 minutes is great for beginners. Reward effort! Be as encouraging as possible Don't be too picky! Slowly but surely form will improve so don't expect too much too soon. Make it fun! This is the single most important factor in long term success.

Dear New Student:

Our approach to Martial Arts training is unique.  It involves an integration of many Martial Arts including;  Taekwondo, Aikido, and Jiu-jitsu.  We believe that we take the best from these styles to make a great form of
self-defense. For years, Martial Arts was not for kids.  The training was too strict, and the curriculum too complicated.  Yet the philosophy of self-discipline, respect, and courtesy was just what kids needed.  We have now brought it all together with our special Karate Kids program.  It's easy to learn all the important philosophies in a helpful, friendly, and positive atmosphere. We welcome you to Redmond Karate and invite your questions.

We are dedicated to your success.

Robert & Shawna Hood
Your Instructors