Instructors Robert and Shawna Hood; 3rd Degree Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do, have been training in the Mixed Martial Arts for over 17 years; Their focus is always on improving and learning new techniques. They have been married for 29 years; working together in many facets of business and life, each complimenting the other as they strive to offer the best customer service possible. Over the years their role as foster parents for over 14 children of all ages, has given them a keen insight to the variety of social needs that children have. That's why their stance on Anti-Bullying is a prime focus in what every child learns in Martial Arts. Each of them has walked in the shoes of one that has been bullied, so they know first hand, the importance of confidence and esteem. Their Goal is that no one faces a bully without the skills to control the situation.

They are very excited to Welcome you into their Dojo as part of their “Karate Family”.

We have known Robert and Shawna Hood for years, both professionally and personally. Overall, they are simply fantastic people. They are very committed and enthusiastic. Rarely have I seen two people who were so professional and yet so personable at the same time. Whatever they do, they give 110% ! Doug had the chance to work with Robert and Shawna at Coast Karate. They were always great to work alongside. In addition, we loved having them teach our kids. In fact, our kids still wish they were here! But since we know that is not an option, we are happy to hear that they are opening their own karate school in their area.

Doug and Christina Coughlin